Air Purifier Hepa

FitAir Halo HEPA Air Purifier and Virus Killer

FitAir Halo HEPA Air Purifier and Virus Killer
FitAir Halo HEPA Air Purifier and Virus Killer
FitAir Halo HEPA Air Purifier and Virus Killer
FitAir Halo HEPA Air Purifier and Virus Killer

FitAir Halo HEPA Air Purifier and Virus Killer    FitAir Halo HEPA Air Purifier and Virus Killer

FitAir Halo HEPA Air Purifier and Virus Killer. Safe and effective alternative to harsh chemical air fresheners. Three user settings with LED colour change technology.

Air ioniser that sterilises 99.99% of airborne pollutants after 30 minutes use. Negative Ionisation and Ozone Air Purifier. FitAirs Halo Air Purifier; for health and well-breathing at home and work. Halo has a sleek, pearl-white design with a rounded bottom. Featuring elegant soft-touch buttons, its three user settings with ambient LED indicator keeps you in charge of the air you breathe. Great for the office and home, Halo keeps unpleasant odours at bay and can increase your productivity and mood thanks to its constant release of negatively charged ions! This unit is environmentally friendly with low wattage and a built-in energy saving microprocessor that controls cycles for your convenience. Extremely quiet with combination carbon and HEPA filters, Halo is perfect for filtering out even the smallest of particles. FitAir purifiers dont rely on harsh chemicals to cover-up indoor odours; instead they release negatively charged ions which safely remove the odour-causing toxins you breathe in every day.

Nothings quite like a breath of FitAir in your home, and with Halo you can keep it smelling fresh all day long. The blue light indicates that the air purifier is on and Negative Ions are being emitted; these negative ions help to reduce smoke and dust particles in the air. The red light signifies that it is in Ozone mode; dont worry Ozone mode isnt bad! Ozone destroys airborne bacteria and cleans the air more efficiently than ionisation (the blue light) on its own.

Hate the feeling of walking into a stuffy room? You may not notice bad odours when youve been sat indoors for a long time, but when youve been outside smells from cooking, cleaning products, pets and dust can really hit you when you come back in. Its the same with guests; everyone knows someone with a fusty smelling house dont let it be yours! This might sound like common scents. But did you know most odours are made by VOCs (volatile organic compounds)? Your sense of smell is the effect of inhaling light volatile molecules which bind to the cilia (little hairs) within your nasal passage and trigger neurons to perceive a smell. VOCs are found in common household and workplace products; from cleaning agents and room fresheners to electronic appliances like copiers and printers, they are ever-present indoors and are even emitted from building components. Along with biological pollutants (like mould, bacteria and viruses) and gaseous irritants, VOCs are able to stay suspended in your air for very long periods of time. We inhale and exhale approximately 20,000 times a day; without purifying our air we end up living and breathing in an indoor chemical stew of contaminants. Is you air fit to breathe? While larger airborne particles get caught in our nose and throat, where we cough or swallow to remove them, 99% of the particles suspended in air are ultra-fine (one micron or smaller). Ultra-fine particles are respirable, meaning they are small enough to be inhaled, where they can remain embedded in the lungs or be absorbed into the blood stream. This is how poor air quality is able to infiltrate your body and affect your health.

If you suffer from asthma, allergies, fatigue or headaches during or after being inside a specific building, it may be due to airborne pollutants present within it. Building-related illnesses and other symptoms of poor health are commonly referred to as Sick Building Syndrome. Unfortunately many people deal with poor indoor air quality by using aerosols, plug-ins or scented candles.

However, the pleasant aromas associated with such products only overpower the existing smells. In other words, they re-odourise, but dont de-odourise! Sprays and fresheners only coat airborne pollutants in even more chemicals, which we then go on to inhale. Did you know that 86% of air fresheners tested by the NRDC contained cancer-causing phthalates; even those marketed as all-natural and unscented? These are not things you want to breathe in! With Halo you no longer have to worry about whats lurking in your air. By using negative ionisation technology, Halo safely and effectively eliminates the dangerous particles you breathe in every day and leaves behind a fresh, natural atmosphere free from pollutants and the odours they cause.

Inside the air purifier, oxygen from the air is negatively charged to form anions (ions with an extra electron). These are attracted to tiny airborne particles like VOCs, Biological Air Pollutants and Noxious Gases that are suspended in the air. The anions attack and destroy the harmful microbials they come in contact with through a process known as cell lysing. This ruptures the cell wall of the molecular structure and renders it harmless.

Once neutralised, the remaining particles are attracted to each other due to their electric charge, and as they cluster together they become heavy enough to drop out of your breathable air space. When you first start using FitAir you may notice an increase in dust gathering on indoor surfaces; this is a sign your unit is working.

After regular usage youll find that dusting and other cleaning is actually reduced as there are no other particles in the air left to settle! Halo is perfect for use at home, in the office, at school, in nursing homes and even hospitals; its bactericidal technology is so effective that it sterilises 99.99% of airborne germs after only half an hour of usage. Its not just called Halo because of the glowing ring around its head; this little angel will protect you and your loved ones from breathing in dangerous indoor air pollutants and prevent the onset of building-related illnesses.

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FitAir Halo HEPA Air Purifier and Virus Killer    FitAir Halo HEPA Air Purifier and Virus Killer