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HealthMate PLUS AIR PURIFIER for Chemical Sensitivities

HealthMate PLUS AIR PURIFIER for Chemical Sensitivities
HealthMate PLUS AIR PURIFIER for Chemical Sensitivities
HealthMate PLUS AIR PURIFIER for Chemical Sensitivities
HealthMate PLUS AIR PURIFIER for Chemical Sensitivities

HealthMate PLUS AIR PURIFIER for Chemical Sensitivities    HealthMate PLUS AIR PURIFIER for Chemical Sensitivities

Designed for the chemically sensitive. Common household cleaning pro ducts, detergents and materials can emit dangerous vapors. The HealthMate+ offers a superior gas filtration system to remove a wide range of chemical vapors.

The HealthMate+ provides the most comprehensive air cleaning solution, removing sub-micron particles, chemicals and noxious gases. Every minute, The HealthMate+ draws over 250 cubic feet of air through a 4-stage filter containing 15 pounds of Activated Carbon impregnated with Potassium Iodide and over 60 square feet of True Medical Grade. The result, more clean air delivered faster and more efficiently than any other air cleaner on the market.

STAGE 1 - Large Particle Pre-filter. Removes particles easily seen by the naked eye e. Dust, hair and pet dander.

STAGE 2 - Medium Particle Pre-filter. Removes small to medium size particles e. Of Activated Carbon and Zeolite impregnated with Potassium Iodide. Removes chemicals, gases and odors e. STAGE 4 - 60 ft.

Of True Medical Grade HEPA. In the unlikely event that you're not completely satisfied with your Austin Air cleaner, return it within 30-days, no-questions-asked. No more costly filter replacements every few months or even years. Austin Air filters are designed to last for an amazing 5-years, under normal residential use.

We are in the indoor air quality business and these are the best residential air purifiers on the market! Why do we say that?

#1 Air filtered through certified HEPA filter & 15 lbs of solid ACTIVATED CARBON and ZEOLITE plus POTASSIUM IODIDE. This means that your air is not just cleaned of dust....

But chemicals, odors, gases & vapors (like ammonia & formaldehyde) + viruses, bacteria and mold are all filtered out as well. #2 The Healthmate features an easy to clean pre-filter that protects the main filter and makes it last longer. Just vacuum off every month. #3 The Healthmate filter comes with a 5-year pro-rated guarantee.

This is unheard of in the filter industry. The Healthmate does not require ANY ADDITIONAL EXPENSE for 5 years. But you won't need it because these purifers are built tough... Now that's standing behind your product!

#6 Austin Air is an established company and had been in the air purifier business for many years. Why Austin Air Healthmate Plus? Relieves symptoms of allergies and asthma and absorbs harmful odors and gases as well as volatile organic chemicals. Four layer filtration system removes dust, pet dander, mold, spores, pollen, bacteria and viruses contaminants as air passes through each filter layer. Permafilt prefilters trap large and medium dust particles.

True Medical Grade HEPA filter allows air through but not much else! Carbon/Zeolite based filter impregnated with Potassium Iodide removes volatile organic chemicals.

Also absorbs harmful odors and gases. Economical - HEPA filter needs changing only every 5 years. Energy Efficient - motor draws minimal current keeping energy costs low even at the highest settings.

Easy maintenance -external vacuuming of prefilter eliminated costly 3 month filter change. Fast Cleaning - Cleans most bedrooms in 15 minutes. Safe for continuous 24 hour use. Whisper quiet operation on lowest setting for peaceful sleeping.

Austin Air Healthmate Plus Technical Features. 23" H x 14.5" W x 14.5 D. Comes with coasters to easily move to other rooms. All steel construction with baked on powder coat resists scratching, scuffing and smudging and doesn't emit plastic gasses.

360 degree intake draws air into all sides of the Healthmate Plus which delivers clean air faster and more efficiently. 250 cubic feet of air passes through filter every minute! Austin Air Healthmate Plus Fan and Motor Assembly.

135 watt power consumption at high speed. Motor Type: Permanent Split Capacitor- rated for continuous use at high RPM and long life. Motor mounted on shock absorbers for vibration free operation. CSA, UL and CE approved.

Austin Air Healthmate Plus Filter Specs. 60 feet of True Medical Grade HEPA. 15 lbs of activated carbon impregnated with Zeolite & Potassium Iodide. Large and Medium Permafilt prefilters trap large dust particles and are designed to be vacuumed from outside.

No need for costly 3 month filter changes. Filters trap 99.97% of all particulates larger than 0.3 microns. 5 year filter life under normal residential use. Foam sealing gaskets top and bottom. UNITS ARE BRAND NEW IN FACTORY SEALED BOXES.

Ideal for allergy/asthma sufferers or those with chemical sensitivities. Cleans Up to 1500 sq. 23 x 14.5 x 14.5. Available in black, white and sandstone. Designed Specifically for Chemically Senstive Individuals. The item "HealthMate PLUS AIR PURIFIER for Chemical Sensitivities" is in sale since Thursday, October 29, 2009. This item is in the category "Home & Garden\Home Improvement\Heating, Cooling & Air\Indoor Air Quality & Fans\Air Purifiers". The seller is "cleanairsolutionsllc" and is located in Buffalo, NY. This item can be shipped to United States, Canada.
  1. Brand: Austin Air
  2. Technology: HEPA
  4. Country of Manufacture: United States

HealthMate PLUS AIR PURIFIER for Chemical Sensitivities    HealthMate PLUS AIR PURIFIER for Chemical Sensitivities