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Novair Negative Air Machine / Air Scrubber 2100 with Hepa

Novair Negative Air Machine / Air Scrubber 2100 with Hepa

Novair Negative Air Machine / Air Scrubber 2100 with Hepa    Novair Negative Air Machine / Air Scrubber 2100 with Hepa

NOVATEK NOVAIR 2100 NEGATIVE AIR MACHINE W/ HEPA FILTER. Machine comes ready to use with 1 ring panel, 1 HEPA filter, and 1 prefilter. The NOVAIR 2000 , a portable Electric 2000 CFM Air Filtration Unit designed and manufactured by Novatek Corp. This unit removes any hazardous or non-hazardous air borne particulate from an enclosed room.

This unit has a three stage filtering system. The first stage is a Pre-Filter containing most of the dust and dirt and is easily replaced.

The second stage is a Ring Filter containing any dust and dirt able to work its way past the Pre-Filter. The final stage is a 99.97%. 0.3 micron Hepa Filter that contains any dirt or dust that makes it through the other two filters. Novatek's negative air machine offers users versatility in that it can handle a wide range of jobs.

First and foremost, it is ideal for the mold remediation or cleaning and restoration jobs. A powerful two horsepower motor provides a consistent flow rate and utilizes all of the filter media area. The motor uses a special eight point motor/cage mount which prevents any motor and cage shifting - "NO MORE RUBBING CAGES". The machine uses standard 24" x 24" Hepa Filters and a positive lock prevents and filter movement to insure complete filtration. The unit operates at 1200 CFM on low setting and 2000 CFM on high setting. The Novair 2100 is easier to transport as it breaks the 100 Lb.

Barrier and is the lightest 2000 CFM unit on the market. The cabinet features seamless construction for leaf proof operation. Additionally, there are no worries about rust and corrosion to the cabinet in damp operating conditions typically found in remediation and restoration work.

Regular inexpensive dust filters can be used which make the unit ideal for the dust collection service in construction and renovation work such as concrete resurfacing, drywall work or in any area where air filtration to remove excessive dust is required. The Novair 2100 can be used as an air scrubber to remove odors such as might generated by carpet or other flooring mastics, paints and finishes as well as various solvents and cleaners.

Activated charcoal filters can be used as an effective means of odor control, especially when remodeling is taking place in office or other areas while they are still occupied. Filters and exhaust dust & smoke. Get rid of dust when cutting marble, cement dry - 12 Exhaust direct the dust out - Portable, and very durable. Less clean-up, better worker conditions.

Powerful 2 Horse Power motor generates exceptional, consistent flow rate and utilizes all Filter media area. Provides consistent air flow of 2000cfm (high speed) and 1000cfm (low speed) - 8 point motor / cage mounting prevents motor and cage shifting even under the harshest condition. Seamless construction guarantees leak proof operation.

Lightest 2000 CFM unit on the market breaks the 100 lb barrier and is easily transported by 2 operators. Positive lock filter prevents filter movement for uninterrupted filtration. Uses standard 24 x 24 HEPA filters.

Not only will the new Novair 2100 be the best portable air filtration/negative air machine you own, it may very well be the last! Novatek, builders of the original roto molded machine, has built the ultimate in performance and durability.

We have spent over 3 years listening to you, our valued customers, to produce our most powerful and durable machine in its class. THE PROOF IS IN THE PERFORMANCE. More Power: The heavy duty 2 Horse Power motor delivers a constant air flow of 2000cfm (high speed) and 1000cfm (low speed) with little effort. Move the same volume of air with fewer machines.

The 8 point blower mounting prevents motor and cage shifting even under the harshest condition No more Rubbing Cages! The heavy duty Roto-Molded Polyethylene shell is dent proof, leek proof and virtually indestructible. Built in, integrated handles are molded directly into the machine for easy lifting. No hardware to tear off or break.

The Guillotine style door simply slides on and off with no hardware! Change standard intake door to a 12 flanged door in seconds! Built in caster Nests allow you to easily and securely stack units! Integral stacking channel allows for a ratcheting strap to positively secure units!

Seamless construction: The seamless polyethylene construction guarantees leak proof operation. The F2100 comes equipped with a high capacity Filter. The Novair accommodates any industry 24 x 24 x 11.5 Hepa Filter and offers a true tool-less filter replacement! Inspect the unit for any loose or damaged parts every time prior to use. Make sure power supply is off prior to inspection!

Wipe outside surfaces of unit to remove accumulated dust or dirt. Clean out dust and dirt from control panel. Periodic checks should be made to filter brackets to ensure thumbscrews and knobs are securely tight.

Filters should periodically be checked and replaced if needed. This will help ensure proper air flow and extend motor life. Inspect power connection to Negative Air Machine. Make sure recessed plug is secure to the panel. If recessed plug is loose electrical shock or shortage may occur.

CAUTION: DO NOT TAMPER WITH THE BLOWER HOUSING OR WIRING OF THE CONTROL PANEL OR. Power Switch: This low/off/high power switch provides power to the blower motor when set to the low or high positions. 20Amp Breaker: This is attached to the units main power supply to help protect the blower motor against power surges.

This is also included to help protect the operator against electrical shock. Differential Pressure Gage: This gage is used to determine air flow through the three stages of filters. The filters will begin to load with dust and dirt.

The gage will begin increasing from 1.5 to about 3.0 when filters are completely full. Barbed Fitting: This is used with the minhelic gage to help regulate the differential pressure as the filters begin to load. Male Recessed Plug: This is where the main power supply is attached to the unit. The unit draws about 15amps, so make sure you have an industrial extension cord supplying power.

Make sure to remove any excess dust/dirt from exterior housing and control panel. Make sure Hepa Filter and Pre-Filters are installed properly with a positive seal. Check that unit is connected to an open 20Amp 110/115 volt breaker.

Check exhaust port connections for tight seal. Make sure unit is positioned in open area away from any entrances into the contained work area.

The NOVAIR 2000 should be positioned at a minimum distance away from workers access openings or towards the center of the room in the containment. Connect 12 exhaust port to hose and exhaust to non-contaminated area. Check Hepa Filter is properly installed in unit and sealed to flange by utilizing mounting brackets. Install Ring filter and Pre-Filter pads into unit.

Lock brakes on caster wheels prior to starting unit F. Attach power cord to male recessed plug on control panel.

Turn unit on and check pressure gage, which should read about 1.5wg. This is the reading when unit has all new filters. Reading will increase as filters become loaded with contaminants. The reading will be about 3.0wg.

At this point in the start-up procedure unit is drawing power. By pushing the switch to the left the unit will operate in low speed (1200cfm) or push the switch to the right to operate in high speed (2000cfm).

The condition of the working area will determine the frequency of filter change outs. When the filters begin to load the pressure gage will start to climb. Once the gage reaches 2.5-3.0 the filters will need to be replaced. WE CARRY REPLACEMENT FILTERS OF ALL KINDS.

With unit in operation, remove and dispose of Pre-Filter. Replace with new pre-filter and check pressure gage. If pressure gage still exceeds 2.5 Ring Filter should also be replaced.

With unit in operation, remove and dispose of ring filter. Replace with new ring filter and check gage. If pressure gage still exceeds 2.5 Hepa Filter should be replaced. Turn unit off and be sure to disconnect power supply.

Remove Pre-Filter and Ring Filter. Remove Hepa Filter by loosening thumbscrews on filter brackets. Remove filter brackets and slide out. Hepa Filter and dispose of filter. Inspect the gasket on the new Hepa Filter for any cracks, gaps or defects.

Any defective gaskets must be replaced. The gasket end of the Hepa Filter is placed in unit first and pressed firmly against flange to form a tight seal. Re-install filter brackets with all hardware originally supplied. Make sure once brackets are installed the four thumbscrews are tightened to seal filter to flange. NOTE: When Hepa Filter is changed the Pre-Filter and Ring Filter.

Should also be replaced with new. When any of the filters in this unit need replacing, they are now considered hazardous waste and should be disposed of properly. NOTE: When changing filters or working with this unit always wear protective equipment.

At the completion of the project the filters should not be removed. The NOVAIR 2000 should be sealed on both intake and exhaust ends. Seal with poly plastic and tape.

Doing this will help prevent re-contamination of the area after final cleanup. Negative Air Machine (NOVAIR 2000) is a highly efficient system designed to help eliminate any air borne particulates. In order to properly operate this unit effectively and safely, the following safety precautions should be strictly adhered to. Do not leave unit unattended when connected to power source. Supply and disconnect from power source, every time the unit is not being used and/or.

Do not operate with damaged and/or malfunctioning parts. If unit is not working as specified in this manual due to misuse repair damaged parts or return to an Authorized Repair and. Keep loose clothing and all body parts away from blower when in operation.

Sweep tile surface and remove any excess buildup of wax residue prior to heating. This will help to eliminate any fumes and fowl odors. Turn off power before Hepa removal. Do not operate around flammable or combustible liquids and/or gases.

Electric shock may occur if. Never operate the unit in a manner where there is the possibility of physical contact.

With the blower wheel while in operation. It shall be the responsibility of the unit owner to insure that the equipment is.

Maintained in a safe operating condition. This unit has several features for your safety and convenience. Here are some trouble shooting and maintenance tips.

The NOVAIR 2000 comes equipped with a 20A breaker, which is used to protect the blower motor and operator against any sudden electrical surges. If the unit is plugged in and turned on but blower will not operate. Check breaker on front control panel of unit to make sure it does not need to be pushed in to reset breaker. If unit still will not operate.

Check the circuit breakers in the electrical supply panel to make sure the breaker is not tripped. If unit at this point still will not operate. Remove front control panel to verify that all wires are connected. If any lines are off reconnect. Any further questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to message us.

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  1. Brand: NOVATEK
  2. Year Manufactured: 2000
  3. Power: 2100 W
  4. Number of Cleaning Stages: 1
  5. Color: Red
  6. MPN: F2100

Novair Negative Air Machine / Air Scrubber 2100 with Hepa    Novair Negative Air Machine / Air Scrubber 2100 with Hepa